Friday, April 8, 2011

Swanky Bathroom on a Budget

My bathroom has its original yellow retro tile(totally my style),  but the base cabinet was painted white and made the tile look odd, like it was a piece sitting there out of place. So what I did was paint the base cabinet the exact same color as the tile. Now it  has a cleaner look, like a cool piece of furniture.

I've continued the retro feel of the bathroom in an unconventional and affordable way. Both my husband and I love the rat pack because of listening to my father in-law reminisce about his fond memories of his 1960's weekend trips to Vegas when those rat pack guys use to sit and relax in the casino lounges after their show.  It was such a casual atmosphere where they were totally accessible to anyone who wanted to talk with them… so different from stars of today. In the words of my father in-law, "They were such cool guys!" At any rate, that was the inspiration for our bathroom. We wanted it to have a swanky feel to it. So, after painting the room two different shades  of blue, what we did is purchase a book of candid photographs taken by Sammy Davis Jr and cut out our favorites. We then purchased black inexpensive frames to put the pictures in, and voila! wonderful affordable artwork. Since I like to mix old with new we purchased  a large artsy picture of musicians from Craigslist for $20, and a couple of inexpensive store-bought pictures and accessories as well. It's not what you expect to see when you walk into a bathroom but I guess that s why everyone loves it, especially my father in law!

This is my swanky bathroom done on a budget.  For some swanky fashion visit us at Vintage Catwalk.



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