Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Anthropologie Knock Off Outfit

So if you haven't noticed I've changed the name of the blog to Simply Thrifting.  It was a long time debate, but as I don't live in a house anymore decorating projects haven't been as easy to come by.  I'm on a quest to live a simpler life one of my best budget savers is buying almost everything at thrift stores and yard sales.  I also love fashion, bet you guys didn't know that.  So I've decided to incorporate some of my fashion into the blog.  You'll get a little bit of everything, from household stuff, to fashion, to furniture.  I promise I won't let you down.

Now for todays outfit.  If you don't already know this I love Anthropologie...I just don't love the prices.  I was lucky enough to get both of these items as hand me down from friends.  The shirt appeared in issue 7 of the 2011 Anthropologie catalog.  Now the skirt isn't authentic, its a hand me down from another friend and it was a little too big for me.  Easy fix...I just zipped down the side with the sewing machine and I got the skirt that I was looking for.

Anthropologie denim shirt
I posted this pic on instagram a month or two ago, but since then its been my go too fall outfit.  It would probably even work on boots.  If you get a change click over and follow me on Instagram @simplythriftingblog.