Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pink is Sexy- Wonderful For Less Wednesdays

Pink in your home right now is sexy, romantic, warm, flattering, and guys love it!!  At least according to House Beautiful they do.

How can you get this look?  Here are some fun pieces that can help you get started.

pink living room storyboard

1. Settee- $752

2. Blue and White Pillow Covers- $24

3. Pink Velvet Pillow Covers- $15

4. Vintage Throw Pillow- $6

5. Coffee Table- $595

6. Vintage Yellow Chair- $85

7. Salmon Chair

8. Yellow and White Zig Zag Chair

9. Paint- Sherwin Williams Pink Moment



Before and After- The Imagination Desk

I thought I"d post some quick pics of a desk I just finished.  I thought this desk was really cool and would make a neat table for kids to draw on, or as a wrapping station in a craft room.

It had some gouges, so I did some filling in with wood filler and sanded, primed, painted, and clear coated in gloss.  I think it came out great.  It's a fun piece for any room.

I've named it the Imagination Desk, first of all because it's a drawing table that kids can use their imagination.  Secondly, because there are so many uses for it, you have to use your imagination to find a purpose for it.

Art table before

Art Table before

Turquoise art tableArt Table After



Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's been a crazy week

I have been so busy lately.  I just launched a new Etsy shop called Decorating Insanity.  My garage looks an artist studio with my multiple half done projects that are starting to look fantastic.  I dream of greatness with a real studio one day in Los Angeles (lately I've been wanting to go back home pretty badly)  and I must get more things in my store and fast.  It's looking a little half naked right now.

I sold my first piece within days and that was really exciting.

I've completed my second piece this week and listed it, and I have at least 2 more pieces on the way this week.

Since it's spray painting season I've got to take advantage of the weather.  I thought I'd post some great spray painting tips from Thrifty Decor Chick.


Q:  Where do you spray paint in the different seasons?

A:  In the spring/summer/fall that’s easy – usually in the backyard or on the deck. Usually I can be found holding an item out at arm’s length, over the edge of the deck, spraying away. Then I’ll just lay it on the railing to dry.

I keep old sheets around that I use as drop clothes when I paint, but most often I use them on the garage floor to spray paint. A few many, many times hubby has come home to a slew of items drying on his side of the garage floor. Which I know thrills him to no end.  ;)

In the winter, I have been known to spray paint in the basement – but I do quick, light sprays, then leave immediately. Usually anymore, I do my winter painting in the garage.

Q:  Do I need to prep my surfaces for spray paint?

A:  Other than thoroughly cleaning an item, honestly I don’t prep much. :) If it’s bare wood, a spray primer is a really good idea. You’ll prime the surface and use way less spray paint in the end.

On wood items, sometimes I will do a light sanding to prepare the surface – but most of the time I don’t. On metal, I usually just spray directly on the surface, but if it’s something that will get a lot of handling, I definitely prime it first. I have sprayed many metal lamps and did not prime because (the bases) don’t get touched much.

Same goes for light fixtures – I mean, how often do you touch them? At least around here, it’s not much. :)

So for the kitchen fixture, I didn’t prime. I did light, quick sprays and worked my way around the light as it hung. I LOVE the way it turned out!:

Swoon! (Ignore the pantry door in front of the window!) Now the light hangs about 29 inches above the table instead of 31 (I know, but I notice.) And it’s 23 inches wide instead of 18 inches – which fills in that area much better.

Visual substance and all.  ;)

I’m thinking of an update for the shades – you know I can’t leave well enough alone!

The Krylon oil rubbed bronze paint I used dried super fast, even out in the freaking-insane-I’m-sweating-just-standing-here-heat we had today, but you need to be sure to let anything you spray paint cure (dry) long enough before you handle it.

Because I’m insanely impatient, I waited till this fixture was dry to the touch and then started installing. Because of that, there were a few little scratches here and there after I got it up.

I just threw the sheet over the kitchen table and sprayed little touch ups. I don’t recommend doing this unless you really have yours spaces covered. But I am me and me is crayyyyzay! :)

So if your project doesn’t go just right, what do you do?

Q:  How do I fix bubbles/crackling/drips/oopsies?

A: Imperfections usually mean one of two things – either you didn’t prep properly so the paint isn’t adhering well, or you are spraying too much, too fast. Drips always mean you’ve used too much. To correct those, wipe them off immediately if you can, then spray over. If you notice them later, sand it down lightly and spray again.

Same goes for crackling. Whenever I see that it means I haven’t prepped well. Sometimes I’ve noticed crackles when I’m using spray paint that has been in the heat or the item I’m spraying has been in the heat.

Crackle can be harder to cover – so sand down as much as possible and spray again.

If you follow these tips, you should get a finished product that will last you for years!:



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New feature:
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Friday, May 27, 2011

Feature Friday- Lamp Shade Designs

Last week I talked about making your own drum light chandelier, but what if you can't find the right size and what if you don't want to cover it yourself or can't find the right fabric?

There is a way to get a custom shade and it's called Lamp Shade Designs on Etsy.

Dana makes these lamp shades from scratch so you can get any size that you want.  This passionate business owner can make shades from 4" to 22" diameter( the perfect size for your drum chandelier).  Tall or short she can do it for you.

Dana lives in Norfolk, VA with her husband and 2 children(6 &8), she covered her first lamp shade when designing her daughters room and ever since then she has been hooked.

Here are some examples of her designs:

The PalaceLove this oneThis one is would have looked great in last weeks wonderful for less wednesdays post.

So what are some great things you can do with a custom drum lampshade.  Well for starters change the lampshade on a cool lamp.

or add a drum shade to a vintage lamp:

Hollywood Regency Lamp on Etsy

I sooo love this lamp.  Anyway it would look great with the right custom drum shade.

A drum chandelier is always a great option

Drum Chandeliers

and my favorite is to disguise an ugly ceiling fans (that's right I think ceiling fans are the ugliest thing ever!!!)  with a drum lamp shade.

So there you have it, great uses for lamp shades and now you know where you can get them CUSTOM.  Don't forget to visit Dana's Etsy Shop.




Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wonderful For Less Wednesdays- Cheery, Modern Bedroom

This weeks inspiration room is a cheery modern bedroom that mixes patterns, colors, and fabrics for a perfect blend of chic.  Designer Sally Henderson has done a fantastic job in putting this room together.

House Beautiful

Here are some sensibly chic pieces to get you started:

Headboard -JC Penny

Bench- Amazon

Lucite Chair- $133

Side Tables-$99 ea

Pillow Covers- $40 ea (handmade and too cute)

Pillowcase-$4.99 2 pk

Hope you are feeling inspired and hope you find some great deals out there.



Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Name- New Game

Well...we are finally thinking of transitioning to a self hosted  wordpress blog. With that comes a new name and new url and all the other techy stuff.

We have only been blogging for 3 months so better sooner than later. We will now be know as Decorating Insanity. It's very fitting trust me!!



Monday, May 23, 2011

Easy Peasy Pillow Slipcovers

So heres the dealio....Have you ever purchased couches that had pillows that you hated but came with?  Or even better, do you have children who ruin the pillows that you currently have?  If you answered yes to any of the questions  you should keep reading.

For me, the answer to both questions is yes.  I am a novice seamstress so I had to think of an easy peasy solution to cover my pillows.  I just love vintage fabrics and recently I've been collecting vintage linens.  I grabbed a sheet that I love ( it's actually the sheet that I used for inspiration on my art work). and made pillowcases for the existing pillows that I had.  With perfectly good cushions underneath there was absolutely no reason to throw them away.

I love the idea of using old pillowcases, sheets, curtains, or other linens because they already have finished sides.  For the novice seamstress, this means less sewing.

Here is what they looked like before:

not bad, just not me.

Here is how to make a slipcover:

1.) Measure the existing pillow cover and add an inch all around.

2.)  Cut 2 squares of each measurement (make sure you one of those sides is a finished edge.)

3.) With the patterned sided facing each other, sew the 3 sides in a straight line leaving the finished edge side exposed.

4.) This is the fun part.  Get your iron out.

5.) Press your seams flat then turn you pillowcase inside out.

6.) You are going to use iron on velcro for this step.

Its called fabric fusion.

7.) Cut about 2 short strips of each side and  1 about twice the size of the other strips.

8.) Press these on to the finished and open edge of your pillowcase with the longer strip in the center.

Before you press make sure both sides of the velcro align

You're going to want to press each side about 90 seconds.

9.) Now your going to  put your finished pillowcase onto the original cushion and velcro the open side closed.

10.) Voila!  You've got a slipcover for your throw pillow.  EASY PEASY!

These are great because you can change them with the season, or throw them in the wash when they start looking kind of grungy.

I made two.  So now my couch is slightly brighter and makes much more sense for the season.



Sunday, May 22, 2011

For Sale- The Casey Nightstand

The Casey Nightstand-$105

I absolutely love this nightstand.  It took a lot of sanding and hard work, but I must part with it.  I love all my pieces and wish that I could keep them all.  Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Shared at this great blog:



Friday, May 20, 2011

For Sale- Mid Century Office Chair

Industrial Chic Office Chair-$99

Coral Mirrored Credenza- Feature Friday

So I am actually in love with this piece of furniture.  I just love mirrored furniture, and this dresser/ credenza really knocks my socks off.

This is what is looked like before

Amazing right?  She used Krylons Secret Color Coral Isle.  I'm totally going to order some.  This color is gorgeous.  She wrote a whole post on how to get Krylons secret colors.

You must visit Vintage Revivals for complete DIY instructions.  I guess until I meet Coral Isle, I won't be able to dump Watermelon (my current color of choice).  I hope we can stay friends after the break-up.



Wednesday, May 18, 2011

52" Yellow Rose Curtain Panels- $16

52" Yellow Rose Curtain Panels- $16

Silhouette Machine Giveaway

Head over to Southern Hospitality  for your chance to win a Silhouette Machine.  Subscribe to her blog while you are at it, some really neat ideas.

What is a Silhouette, you ask? It’s an electronic cutting tool that connects to your computer allowing you to cut fonts and images in cardstock, vinyl, heat transfer material, etc.

It cuts all sorts of fun things from scrapbooking supplies to vinyl art. Lots of possibilities, as big as your imagination can hold.

This machine is really cool.  It can be used on iron on paper to make things like pillows or you can just make your basic silhouette wall art.

or some really cool signs with just lettering:



Contemporary Chic Dining Room- Wonderful for less Wednesdays

Our inspiration room this week is a contemporary chic Dining Room by designer Jennifer Jones from Niche Interiors in San Francisco, CA.  I love how the color really is the power of this this room, and the clean lines and mix of rustic finishes add a touch of elegance. 

Here is our version of this dining room:

Dining Chair- Amazon $89 (Free Shipping)

Dining Table- West Elm $499-599 (splurge)

Paint- Sherwin Williams Fireweed

Fabric- $10-12 per yard

There is a great DIY tutorial on how you can make your own drum chandelier at Thrifty Decor Chick.  A very frugal alternative to an expensive chandelier.

 If you livc near an Ikea they have a great light kit as well.

There you have it contemporary chic for under $1000.



Monday, May 16, 2011

DIY Paintings-Complete

Okay...so once again, I'm not an artist.  However, I really needed some art for my family room.  My inspiration was a cross between a vintage sheet that I plan to repurpose as throw pillows and this flower power rug from target that I just think has a cool pattern:

Here is a photo of the vintage bed sheet:

You can see the blank wall in this post.  Here are the completed pieces.  There is really no rhyme or reason, they are just kind of random like me.

A little bit closer

And in the room showing the blue wall (I'll get a better shot on a neater family room day).

The project came in at under $20 bucks including frames. I'm actually kind of proud of them since I have failed at other attempts at art in the past.



Friday, May 13, 2011

I absolutely love Hollywood Regency/ Hollywood Glam furniture.  The tufted buttons, the mirrored accents, the faux bamboo and graphic designs.  All of it absolutely melts my heart.  I also love this Etsy store called Fabulous Mess, specializing in many Hollywood Regency pieces.  Not only are they vintage, but many of the pieces have been glammed up.  You've got to check her shop out on Etsy.  Here are some of my favorite items:

Mirrored NIghtstandsBlack End TableTufted Foot StoolsHot Pink Dresser/ ChestDorothy Draper BenchPair of Wall SconcesPair of Hanging Lamps

Just Amazing!!!