Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How I Save A Ton of Money on Shoes

Every girl loves a new pair of shoes.   I'm like every girl, except I don't like spending money on them.    So there are a couple of tricks I have used to save a ton of money on shoes.

1.  I look at thrift stores and yard sales.
I know, I know.  The sound of used shoes doesn't sound appealing, but not all thrift store shoes have been used.  There are a lot of people out there who buy shoes and never wear them.  I usually get pretty lucky finding new or gently used shoes at yard sales and thrift stores and for under $5 each.

2.  I shop discount stores.  I love Ross, Marshalls, Tj max, etc.  There you can find shoes that are significantly discounted from department stores.  Most shoes I find for under $20.  The only exceptions I make are boots and Converse (which I will spend $25 for).

3.  I look for items that need some work.
I am the queen of freezer stretching.  If a pair of shoes are a close fit and I know within a couple of wears they will be nice and comfy, I freezer stretch.

I also look for shoes that are slightly too big that I can add  heel grippers to.  I get these at the Dollar Tree.  Since I have a slightly wider foot, it makes for a nice comfortable fit around the toes.
I try to think of why things are on clearance.  Maybe there are scuff marks that can be easily removed or the dye needs a little touch up, which you can easily do with colored sharpies.

This pair of shoes had little chains on the back, which made for a cute accent, but was really annoying when you walked.  A couple of dabs of hot glue and they are nice and glued on and don't bother me anymore.

4.  I keep it to the basics.  Yes, I love shoes like everyone else, but I don't need a ton of shoes.  I keep a pair of black and brown heels, boots, sandals, and flats.  All the other shoes I have are either gifts or I got for extremely cheap (like in the under $5 bracket).

What ways do you save on shoes?