Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why I Love Metallic Glaze

First of all, let me ask you when you get into something, I mean REALLY into something, don't you continue doing it?  Lets start with your hair, you find a style and you wear it like that for weeks, or the comfort of those favorite pair of jeans.  Yea...that's what I thought.

Well for me the same goes with my painting projects.  When I get into a certain look, I keep doing it, especially when that look is flying off the shelves.  Well, most recently I'm in to metallic glaze.  Here is what I love about it.  It not only distresses, but it gives your paint a shimmer.  That's right girls...we all love glitter and shimmer, it's part of the glam effect.  Next, it is easy to apply: Just rub it on in a circle, straight, randomly, whatever you want to get the look that you want.  Third, it allows you to go bold because it tones down your color and yet gives it a wow factor.

I also love how metallic glaze brings out the details, like if you have an ornate part in your furniture you can really highlight it.

I personally have been using Martha Stewart Metallic Bronze lately, but I'm going to start trying other colors.

I've got another project coming up at Furniture Friday where I used metallic glaze, and if you haven't heard, I started hosting a link party on Friday's so don't forget to come back and link up.



Beyond The Picket Fence


Monday, February 27, 2012

Guest Post: Pam from Be Colorful

To begin I want to say thank you to Decorating Insanity for having the confidence to ask me to guest blog for them.  Having such a diverse and progressive blog extend me this invitation is a huge compliment. 

Floral coffee table

So who am I? I am a blogger, functional artist, and frustrated decorator from a mid- sized town in a fly-over state. I sometimes wish I lived in a more metropolitan area where my less than conventional style wasn't so out of the ordinary. I have always loved color and when I wasn't able to find some of the pieces here locally that I was looking for to use in our own home I did the next best thing and created them myself.
Painted furniture is ubiquitous these days but what sets my style apart from most are the multiple patterns and colorful palates that I usually incorporate into my work.

I have been in the gathering inspiration stage lately and haven't done a lot of painting. As I peruse the internet and design magazines I am noticing that I am attracted to simpler lines and geometric patterns. I am thinking that is the direction I want to go now with my own painting style too.  
From the beginning I have been influenced by the designs of Sticks, Susan Sargent, MacKenzie Childs, and Kim Parker. They all use a lot of florals, words or quotes, and some version of a stripe (usually black and white).
This is an earlier piece of mine that incorporated all of those elements.
Jackie's table

Sometimes it is an idea that just presents its self and gives a piece that little extra edge and whimsy that makes me like it more. I had seen where a number of furniture painters were painting the insides of their drawers and I liked that more finished look. Then one day I thought it would be fun if the drawer held a bit of a surprise when it was opened. So I added these words.
Jackies table drawer

This credenza that I painted two years ago for my studio was heavily influenced by the more stylistic flower designs of Kim Parker. I had recently finished reading one of her design books and I was drawn to her over-sized florals and soft colors.
My credenza
This beverage cart is another example of her influence on my work.

   Beverage cart

Bev cart handle

The nod to Mac Kenzie Childs is apparent in this buffet that I painted  for our dining room and then recently sold. Her patterns lean a bit more to the traditional and her pieces often have an element of gold or gilding to them that makes them a bit more formal. It is the mixed patterns that makes them such conversational and perhaps controversial pieces. As for me, I think a single statement like this can absolutely make a room.  When I look at this buffet I am beginning to see the geometric influence  already creeping into my work. Those two quatrefoil patterned drawers are representative of the look I am obsessed with now.
Occasionally I work to edit myself and dial back on the number of colors and patterns to create something that is more compatible to most spaces and varying styles. Since I usually work with strong vibrant colors it was a stretch for me to limit myself to only two colors like I did here but this was one of those pieces that ultimately just came together so easily that I may try this technique again. 

Sherrie's piece 2

Recently I have been reading the book
In the Pink - Dorothy Draper
In the pink
Now it is her compelling style that is driving my design direction.
What appeals to me is her sense of drama. 
The bold curves,
Bod curves
the sharp contrast of black and white,
Dorothy style via the peak of chic
and her use of geometic and floral patterns.
Draper pattern
I was beginning to see a bit of her effect on my style when I painted this garden table in 2011.
  Pink table
I don't plan on leaving my colorful mixed pattern style far behind and I am not a huge fan of chnitz but I look forward to trying my hand at a cleaner more dramatic Hollywood Regency look. I will call this my HR Period. 
This will be the next piece I work on because I think this buffet lends itself well to this style. Please don't hate me for painting something from this era. I have had this vintage piece in my home for over twenty years. It has served its purpose well but I'm over it and ready to move on.  I see it in a dramatic black and white. 
This is my inspiration photo.
Blak and wht
Tobi Fairley

I will set myself a goal - to have this buffet painted and ready to go by April 1st. Let's see if I can follow through. 
Thanks for stopping by and thank you again to the women of Decorating Insanity for this opportunity.

Thanks Pam for joining us.  Isn't her stuff so fun and whimsical?  Everyone has to have a little fun color in their life.  Visit Be Colorful for more fun projects.



Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weekend Features #6

I'm in a graphic furniture sort of mood today. So I think that will be the theme of my features next week. The plan is for next weeks theme to be favorites from my link party. If you haven't linked up yet make sure you do. I'd love to see all your great pieces.

Here are some great graphic pieces.

I'm feeling super inspired right now to do something graphic for my living room.  Let's see what I come up with this week.

If you were featured, grab a "My Name in Lights" button.
Decorating Insanity
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Decorating Insanity"><img src="" alt="Decorating Insanity" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Have a great weekend.  I'm hoping to hit the beach.  What are you up to?



Thursday, February 23, 2012

Furniture Friday #6 and Link Party

Hello all.  Happy Friday!  I can't say I have much for you today as it has been a crazy week for marketing our shop.  I also ran out of unfinished product so hasn't been a big painting week.  I've been packing and shipping all week, which is a good thing.  The bad news is that I have no new merchandise, but that is soon to change.

I also have a small announcement, I'm going to try out the linky party thing, so please, please, share your awesome craft and furniture projects.  I will be doing features every Saturday.

I have been so busy with clients furniture lately that I have barely had a chance to get any of my own done which means my house is still looking a little grandmaish.  I did however get one of my two end tables done this week so I'd like to share it with you.

Here it is before

and here it is now

I used a high gloss black oil based paint to give it sheen.

I really should've photographed this outside before I brought it into the house because the lighting sucks in my house, but anyhoo....lets get to the party.

Please put your permalink into the linky and pretty please link back here so we can share everyone's other great ideas (button at the bottom of this post or on my sidebar).   Please do not link any shops!!  Sit back, relax, grab a martini, network (visit other links) and enjoy the  party.

Note: By adding your link you are giving me permission to use your photos on my blog without contacting you.  Which means you may get featured.  

Ok.  Lets see what you got.



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20. Armoire Turned

21. Big Purple Bed

22. Pink coffee tab

23. Hall Table Make

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As you can see we're partying all week long. I probably need to go to link party rehab.  Oh well,  grab a martini and join us....Monica