Friday, April 22, 2011

In honor of Earth Day, I thought I'd write a little post about reusing and repurposing.  See not only is repurposing a great way to save money, but it's a great way to save the earth.  Not just that, but it always makes me sad to see a beautiful piece of antique furniture in the's not dead, it just needs a little love.  Unfortunately some people don't understand that or just don't have the time to dedicate to it.  On top of the satisfaction you get from putting some creativity into a tired piece of furniture, you have a unique conversation piece that I guarantee will get a lot of compliments.

Here is a great little 1940's chiffarobe that I saved.  Although I paid $100 bucks for it, I still feel like I saved it.  I wasn't going to let the beautiful inlay go to waste and risk that eventually it would get thrown in the trash.  It came from a basement that had a water/moisture issue.  Unfortunately,  these art deco style waterfall pieces were made with veneer and the moisture had seriously cracked a lot of the veneer.  The top and sides were horribly damaged, but luckily the front was still in decent shape and I think the flaws add character.  It was missing one of the original pieces of hardware, but I improvised with some cheap gold ones and stained them to match.  The sides and top were filled with wood filler and sanded and then painted a contrasting color to have some fun with it.  When people walk into my house it's the first thing they notice and 90% of the time, someone makes a comment about it.

See?  you barely notice the missing hardware on the bottom drawer.

A closer look at the gorgeous inlay

The top and sides are painted a contrasting color.

Here is another armoire makeover that I totally love.  It's another piece of antique uniqueness that was done by remodelaholic.  A little sanding and paint & you've got another awesome salvaged piece.

Here is the before

And the after. Isn't it amazing?





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