Thursday, February 14, 2013

Side Table Out Of Salvaged Cabinet Doors

It all started with these windows that my dad brought to me.  He had found them on the side of the road in the trash.  There were four of them.
vintage leaded glass cabinet door
He brought them to me and said, “Can you use these?”  Did he even have to ask?  I was like, “Of course, I’ll find a place for them.”  So, the first one got painted bright yellow and I added hooks and placed it near our front door, which was merely decorative since we never used our front door.
window yellow
Well, these windows sat in my garage for so long I forgot about them, until we moved a few weeks ago.  During the move one broke so I was down to two windows. Then I realized I needed a side table to hide my wine fridge and I started planning.  Wouldn’t you know that the windows were the perfect width for the sides of the table.  That made me super happy because now I could have a cool table out of salvaged stuff.  So my good friend Dustin and I started plotting our trip to the lumber store and this is what we came up with.
wine fridge table
savaged door table   
salvaged window tableWe used pine 2x6’s for the top and the shelf and just used finishing nails to tap it in.  Then we  used a super thin plywood for the back to give it some extra stability.  It’s a fun conversational piece in the living room and I”m in love.  Plus since the wine fridge is kind of an eye sore on its own it’s an awesome disguise.
Speaking of disguises, check out the awesome video my friend Dustin made, if you look really hard you will find a cameo of me.  If you get a chance, subscribe to his channel, I’m sure there are a lot more awesome videos to come.
Furniture Feature Fridays

Its Been Too Long

Hello all.  You are probably wondering why you haven’t heard from me for a while.  Although I absolutely loved what I was doing, unfortunately my furniture business journey has come to an end.  I know I’m sad too, but I’ve done all my crying and I’m moving forward.  With that being said, the reason for the end of my journey is that I moved into a new place, which unfortunately does not have a garage.  I’m also working on a couple of other things to keep me going financially. 
Now as to the question, will you ever see me again?  The answer to that is an big absolutely.  1.) I have a new place to decorate and 2.) I’ve got some other stuff up my sleeve which may allow me to reenter the business in the future. 
Love you all!