Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kitchen Update

So for those of you who read my blog, you know that I typically do not post about my house because its a rental and with renting restrictions comes lack of being able to do whatever you want as far as decorating and creativity.  So if I post about a room in my house please look beyond the mandatory Navajo white and the builder grade fixtures.  I'm doing the best that I can given the circumstances.

Recently I've been doing a few little updates to my kitchen.  See, my kitchen is kind of small and has the original layout.  Being built in 1907 it also has the original cabinets.  There is not really a place for modern appliances like our larger stove and our normal size refrigerator, and don't even think about a dishwasher.  So like I said, I do the best I can.  Just finding a place to put my refrigerator has been a huge challenge.

So this is what my kitchen looked like before my landlady went navajo white crazy on it.  
See when I first signed my lease, I was told that the landlady wasn't going to do anything to it.  I know for normal people that would be a deterrent, but not for me.  I was so excited that I was going to get to paint and do whatever I wanted to.  Low and behold, when I moved it everything was freshly painted.  Ugh!! Although, it is nice to not have to paint, its not cool that I'm not allowed to change anything.

Here are some updates that I've recently done.

Remember my Mini Kitchen Island?
Well, I moved it, and turned it on it's side against the stove so that I can have some counter space next to the stove, and in it's place I've put this:

Here are the original cabinets/ butler pantry

I've taken off two of the doors to make room for the refrigerator.  It's the only way I could make it fit and have a good work triangle.  The people who lived here before had their refrigerator in the laundry room.

and then there is the tiny breakfast nook.  I tried several different tables, benches, chairs in this room and nothing would fit 4 people.  I think it was meant for a 2 seater table.  

I finally gave up and did a breakfast bar across the 2 windows.  I used wood planks stained in different colors and paired it with some industrial bar stools.

The coffee pot and microwave (other modern appliances) are also housed in that little nook on a cabinet I picked up for free on craigslist.

I still need curtains and artworks and some more accessories, but its starting to come together.  Although I would probably knock the wall down into our dining room and completely remodel if it was my house, it has some fun vintage charm and it's growing on me. 



Thursday, July 5, 2012

Furniture Friday 23

Hello All...

Today is an exciting day, we are doing our first Blog Hop here at Decorating Insanity. 

I have the pleasure of sharing this hop with the lovely Tammy from One More Time.

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