Wednesday, December 12, 2012

This Table Is Just Right

Yes I'm talking about Goldilocks and the 3 bears, because that is exactly what happened with my Dining Tables.  A year and 3 tables later, I think I finally have it just right.  See the first one was too big.

Now that I go back, in the scheme of things is would've been fine closed using no leafs, but then we found out my husband would be working from home and our formal dining room had to double as a home office.  So then we found option #2, complete with two drawers.  I thought it would be perfect to double as a desk and dining table.

Gold Dining Chairs

Well the concept was good, until I realized that it would be my husband using it as both.  I don't know what possessed me to think that by dinner time the table would be clear of work stuff and that we could actually use it as such.

Well one day while making my usual thrift store runs I found it, and it so happens that the same day I found 2 chairs to match 2 others that had already headed for the for sale pile.

French Provincial Dining Chairs

That's when I made a quick decision....I decided to get rid of an antique dresser that I had been using as a credenza in the room and use that space to tuck a desk in for my husband in the corner of our dining room, and finally get us a proper table.

And here it is:
Pedestal Dining Table
 I used Annie Sloan Pure White Chalk Paint for the base of the table and covered it with Minwax Dark Paste Wax.
Annie Sloan Pure White Chalk Paint
 I got this great Better Homes and Gardens fabric with a coupon at JoAnns fabric for 50% off.  Fabric for all four chairs cost me around $20bucks.
Joanns Fabric Floral
 The chairs are painted in a custom color mixed by yours truly with leftover paints from other projects.
48" round dining table
 I decided to leave the top wood, but stained it in a much darker walnut color.
Staining a dining table
I'm super happy with the whole project, and the better news is this whole thing cost me around $80 bucks, thanks to the table having a crack in it (adds to the character) that I picked up for only $20, the chairs being $10 bucks each, and the fabric for $20.

Does anyone else out there go through several pieces of furniture a year?



Monday, October 29, 2012

Living Room Reveal

Hope you are up for a Bohemian eclectic rendition of my living room.  I'd like to take you back to what my living room used to look like.
This was before I moved in
 and this was Thanksgiving of last year
 This is what it looks now. obviously with new furniture pieces.
Heres the view from my dining room office with the bench I made for 5 bucks.
decorating insanity living room
 I moved my tv to the corner and added this decoupaged cabinet.
bohemian living room new york
 This is the view when you walk into my front door.
butterfly pillow ross eclectic
 and a little reading corner featuring my simply spray spray painted chair and some of my children's art work.
fabric and painted vintage chair
 The top of the tv cabinet which really was an old hutch was used as a shelf in my entry way.  At the top I added an old leaded glass cabinet door with some extra hooks for coats and hats and painted to match.
shabby chic hutch redo
 Some extra pillows in a basket are my daughters favorite for napping on the couch.
Wine Tray
 Some inexpensive pillows found on clearance at Pier One and Ross ranging from $3.99- $9.99
Turquoise teal pillows
 More pillows 
 This little corner I have used to put my wine fridge along with a tray for glasses decoupaged to match my chair.
I love the eclecticness and hominess of my living room.  Wish I could paint, but I can't so I used pops of color to give it a fun vibe.



Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Quick and Easy Tray Update

I love how trays are the thing that gives a room a pop of color. What I love even more is that they are super easy to personalize.

Take this tray for example that I picked up at Ross for $7.99

Not that it was an ugly tray, it was just not my style.

I scratched up the surface slightly and primed it with Rustoleum white and threw a coat of warm yellow on it.

I then took some left over fabric from my chair project and modged podged it to the bottom of the tray.

I love how it turned out.



Wednesday, September 12, 2012

5 Dollar Low Sofa Table Out of an Old Chair

After almost living in my house for a year and several furniture arrangement changes, my living room is finally starting to come together.  I should have a reveal post for you early next week.  

I thought it might be fun to share a little sofa table I made yesterday.  I was inspired by this little bench by Color me Lovely to use as a sofa table.

Isn't it cute?  But how would I find an antique storytellers bench and how would it fit in my price range?  So after lucking out on craigslist I started looking on Etsy to see if I could at least find an affordable bench.  Needless to say, they start at around $80 bucks, plus shipping.  So due to my impatience and knowing that there is a possibility I may eventually find one at a yard sale I decided to make one myself.

I wanted it to be super simple, as in takes me 15 minutes to make, so I started thinking of what might be in my garage.  Here is what I came up with...

A chair that I got a long time ago for $2.99 at the thrift store.
It has been left outside for a couple months so the paint just started crackling off and I loved it.

I also had a piece of scrap shelf that I had used for a clients credenza.

So all I needed was a couple of 2x2's to use as the back legs. I was able to pick those up for $2.00.  I could afford that.

So here is my temp to perm sofa table, it was so easy to make.  I just cut the front legs off the chair with my jigsaw, then I screwed the shelf into the legs and viola!!  I stained the top in a dark stain and applied a coat of wax.

I must admit, I would not use it as a bench as it is probably not meant to sit on, but what I love about it is that is the size of a bench with the functionality of a table.  So if you ever see a free broken chair on the road, pick it up, you never know what you can do with the legs.


Furniture Feature Fridays

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Williams Sonoma Knockoff Dresser

Recently I've been getting into Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  See, here are the reasons why I stayed away from the band wagon for a while.  

1.) I was in denial that is product was actually worth more than my $3.00 homemade chalk paint
2.) I didn't feel like there was enough color variety
3.) I was cheap
4.) I didn't want to give in to the trend

Well, my conclusions are this

1.) My homemade chalk paint is still pretty awesome (especially for layering)
2.) As the line has grown, they have come out with some amazing colors
3.) I am cheap
4.)People tend to like Annie Sloan and will specifically order a color, even though it is trendy.

Recently I came across a vintage formica dresser with a french provincial style.  Since Annie Sloan claims to adhere to anything I thought I try it.

Here is my inspiration piece the Deauville Dresser from Williams Sonoma.  A dresser with a price tag of $2450.  Ouch!!  I figured if I can get this finish on a formica piece, I can certainly do it on a good quality solid wood piece.

So here is mine:

Of course, the outdoor lighting really makes it look a lot brighter than it is.  I used Annie Sloan pure white and finished it with a dark wax.

The top I did with a dark gel stain and for some added character I added some metallic glaze

I think it came out great.  Of course I forgot before pictures, but you'll see it again soon because I have a solid wood Broyhill piece that is getting this finish next.

*Update:  After much debate last night, I decided to keep this piece and put it in my Living Room, I've been looking for a console table for the back of my house anyway.  I love the finish, but I just didn't feel confident with the quality of the original piece.  I prefer to sell solid wood pieces.  At least this was a great practice session and now I have a great looking/ affordable piece for my Living Room.



Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Simply Spray Contest Finalist & Giveaway

Yay!  I did it!!  I'm a finalist for Simply Sprays Painted Chair contest.

Vote for me and you can win two cans of Simply Spray Upholstery Paint.

Click here to vote via facebook.

You must like their page first to vote.

Love you guys!!

My chair is the first one on the top.



Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wanna See What I've Been Working On?

Here is a peek into some of my recent projects.

This is a custom nightstand I did, using my Audrey Finish, but with a twist.  I decoupaged the drawers with tin foil and added a glaze for an antiqued effect.

This custom credenza was painted in Annie Sloan Paris Gray and distressed.  The top was done in a dark gray.  This was my first attempt with Annie Sloan.  Although pricey, I liked it.  

What other Annie Sloan colors do you love?



Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Simply Spray Paint Contest- PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!!

Hello friends....
I know it's been a while.  This is the first summer I've decided to take on the role as working two jobs mom.  Keeping the twins active while fulfilling all my other responsibilities has been quite challenging. Gotta hand it to you moms who can take it all on.

I was recently notified by Emily at Simply Spray, that my painted chair has been entered into a contest.

So please, please, please vote for me and spread the word.  You can click here to vote.

I've got a couple of projects ready for you to see.  More to come tomorrow.  Promise!!



Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kitchen Update

So for those of you who read my blog, you know that I typically do not post about my house because its a rental and with renting restrictions comes lack of being able to do whatever you want as far as decorating and creativity.  So if I post about a room in my house please look beyond the mandatory Navajo white and the builder grade fixtures.  I'm doing the best that I can given the circumstances.

Recently I've been doing a few little updates to my kitchen.  See, my kitchen is kind of small and has the original layout.  Being built in 1907 it also has the original cabinets.  There is not really a place for modern appliances like our larger stove and our normal size refrigerator, and don't even think about a dishwasher.  So like I said, I do the best I can.  Just finding a place to put my refrigerator has been a huge challenge.

So this is what my kitchen looked like before my landlady went navajo white crazy on it.  
See when I first signed my lease, I was told that the landlady wasn't going to do anything to it.  I know for normal people that would be a deterrent, but not for me.  I was so excited that I was going to get to paint and do whatever I wanted to.  Low and behold, when I moved it everything was freshly painted.  Ugh!! Although, it is nice to not have to paint, its not cool that I'm not allowed to change anything.

Here are some updates that I've recently done.

Remember my Mini Kitchen Island?
Well, I moved it, and turned it on it's side against the stove so that I can have some counter space next to the stove, and in it's place I've put this:

Here are the original cabinets/ butler pantry

I've taken off two of the doors to make room for the refrigerator.  It's the only way I could make it fit and have a good work triangle.  The people who lived here before had their refrigerator in the laundry room.

and then there is the tiny breakfast nook.  I tried several different tables, benches, chairs in this room and nothing would fit 4 people.  I think it was meant for a 2 seater table.  

I finally gave up and did a breakfast bar across the 2 windows.  I used wood planks stained in different colors and paired it with some industrial bar stools.

The coffee pot and microwave (other modern appliances) are also housed in that little nook on a cabinet I picked up for free on craigslist.

I still need curtains and artworks and some more accessories, but its starting to come together.  Although I would probably knock the wall down into our dining room and completely remodel if it was my house, it has some fun vintage charm and it's growing on me.