Friday, April 29, 2011

Decoupage Table Tops- Feature Friday

A while back I bought a coffee table on clearance at Home Goods. It wasn't in the best of shape to begin with, but it did the trick for a while.  Well, during their 2nd year of life my twins have really beaten it up.  It now needs a make over.  I've thought about painting it, but I thought it would be fun to cover it with fabric instead,  since it's really only the top that is damaged.  I found this great tutorial on how to decoupage table tops at Jennifer

First,  she paints the table.

Then she added the fabric with decoupage medium.

A couple of coats of shellac show the finished product.

This project would be fun with some bright or graphic fabric as well.

I may try something like this on my desk as well.



Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Todays inspiration room comes from San Francisco, CA.  This beautiful 1913 Beaux Arts-style Nob Hill beauty under went a complete renovation in 2004, including this wonderful living space.

Antonio Martins, Antonio Martins Interior Design, 1182 Folsom St., San Francisco, CA 94103; 415/377-6136,

Read more about this home renovation at Traditional Home.

Rich reds balanced with neutrals give this room a glamourous eclectic feel.

Built- ins offer a focal point as well as much-needed storage space.

Striped curtains with tassel detail add a bit of casualness balanced with high-end glamour.

I love the way the white walls and built-ins work with the warm tones of the furnishings.  For the budget friendly version I put together a chenille sofa along side a vintage red tufted sofa.  I've used an extra-large indoor/ outdoor rug to anchor the room, and a tufted leather/pleather (let's be real) ottoman.  A black and white accent chair adds a pop of randomness, and some clearance curtain panels finish the room off.

1. Vintage Red Sofa- $195

2. Jc Penney Curtain Panels- $14.99 ea.

3. Leather-Like Ottoman- $101

4. Chenille Sofa- $471

5. Indoor/ Outdoor 8x11 rug- $187.41

6. Black & White Accent Chair- $149.99

7. Brocade Pillow Covers-$9.99 ea.

8. Swing Arm Lamp- $31.50

9. Red Arm Chair- $98.88

I hope you enjoyed this look for less.  Have a wonderful Wednesday.



Monday, April 25, 2011

DIY- Pantry Makeover

I decided I was going to show you pictures of my pantry.  First of all, don't laugh at me, as my cabinets are empty and I really need to get to the store.  I'm definitely not an extreme couponer with my stockpile bursting at the seams.  What I do like however, is a place for everything and everything in its place.

When we purchased this home it had a pretty standard pantry with wire racks and closet sliding doors.  It was really hard to get anything large into the pantry because the closet doors got in the way.  So we decided to change the doors to double doors to make it more accessible.  I got rid of all the wire racks and was lucky enough to find some BESTA shelves on clearance at Ikea( never overlook the as-is section).  They were the perfect size for my pantry.  I stacked one on top of the other and then added a wine storage box and an espresso colored closet shelf to the top from Lowes.  Screwed and L-bracketed everything in its place a wha la!  I have a custom pantry.  For a cost of only $125.00.  For can storage I bought some wire pantry shelves for the doors.  I also have baskets for boxed goods (pasta, rice, tea, etc.), kitchen towels, and fruits and potatoes, Now I have a clean-looking, efficient space.

Wire pantry organizers keep cans in place.  Wine storage is great for storing wine and other beverages (2-liter soda, juice, etc.).

Full view

Baskets are great for storing fruit, potatoes, and dry goods.



Friday, April 22, 2011

Blog Button

Our blog button is now available.  Feel free to grab and share the love.

In honor of Earth Day, I thought I'd write a little post about reusing and repurposing.  See not only is repurposing a great way to save money, but it's a great way to save the earth.  Not just that, but it always makes me sad to see a beautiful piece of antique furniture in the's not dead, it just needs a little love.  Unfortunately some people don't understand that or just don't have the time to dedicate to it.  On top of the satisfaction you get from putting some creativity into a tired piece of furniture, you have a unique conversation piece that I guarantee will get a lot of compliments.

Here is a great little 1940's chiffarobe that I saved.  Although I paid $100 bucks for it, I still feel like I saved it.  I wasn't going to let the beautiful inlay go to waste and risk that eventually it would get thrown in the trash.  It came from a basement that had a water/moisture issue.  Unfortunately,  these art deco style waterfall pieces were made with veneer and the moisture had seriously cracked a lot of the veneer.  The top and sides were horribly damaged, but luckily the front was still in decent shape and I think the flaws add character.  It was missing one of the original pieces of hardware, but I improvised with some cheap gold ones and stained them to match.  The sides and top were filled with wood filler and sanded and then painted a contrasting color to have some fun with it.  When people walk into my house it's the first thing they notice and 90% of the time, someone makes a comment about it.

See?  you barely notice the missing hardware on the bottom drawer.

A closer look at the gorgeous inlay

The top and sides are painted a contrasting color.

Here is another armoire makeover that I totally love.  It's another piece of antique uniqueness that was done by remodelaholic.  A little sanding and paint & you've got another awesome salvaged piece.

Here is the before

And the after. Isn't it amazing?





Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wonderful for Less Wednesdays- Coastal Bedroom

Our inspiration room for the week is a coastal bedroom with lots of white and some yellow accents.  It's very clean and fresh and perfect for the summertime.  I can just feel the breeze blowing through this room.  I also love the glitz and glam of the metallic side tables.  I think this would make an excellent guest room, your guest will feel like they are staying at a beach resort.

House Beautiful

Here is my sensibly chic version:

Unfortunately I couldn't find anything that resembled those beautiful pale yellow ottomans, but I think the cream is still snazzy and gives it the coastal effect.

Shopping list is as follows

Headboard- Cymaxstores $303.03

Nightstand- Urban Outfitters- $179.00

Side Table- Urban Outfitters- $119.00

Storage Bench- KMart- $123.49

Lamps- Target- $149.99ea (Would also try Home Goods)

Black Frames-Target-$12.99ea

Leaf Poster Print-$10.80ea

Grand Total- $1048



Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back Splash Does Wonders

Never underestimate the power of a little kitchen back splash.  It doesn't have to be hard or complicated, but it really will enhance the look of your kitchen.  I chose a glass tile back splash for my kitchen which cost about $10 per sheet.  I paid a handy man to install it, after failing on an attempt to do it myself (lack of proper tools).  The handyman charged about $250.  So for about $500 bucks I have a high-end look in my kitchen to go with my builder-grade cabinets.  You can save yourself some money if you have the proper tools or are willing to rent them (Instructions here).  I've also seen some glass tile sheets 10 x 10 for around $4.99 each (special buy @ Home Depot).  It's a good way to put a little bit of your personality into your kitchen.

Here is my back splash:

As you can see...I've also taken the regular white switch plates and spray painted them a color that I felt would fit in with my back splash and counter tops.  It's a frugal way to save on new switch plates.  Below is the full view of my kitchen so that you can see it in all it's glory : )

Here is the same back splash used all the way up to the ceiling.  I think this look is amazing as well and in a more farm house chic way.

Dal Tile is easily accessible and available at all Home Depots.It is also pretty reasonably prices.

There are so many tile options from glass to travertine.  You've got to choose one that fits your personality. This one happens to fit mine.



Friday, April 15, 2011

Nothing Like My Morning Cup of Joe

I love my morning cup of coffee. Aside from the warmth and great taste of the coffee, there is also a certain emotional comfort that comes over me when I am alone in the morning drinking my wonderful cup of Joe. It's that special time when I am between the peace of my slumber and the anticipation of the day. And although I am alone while drinking my coffee, I feel like I am sitting with a dear and much loved friend…always warm, comforting and inspiring. What can I say I really love coffee in the morning! These days spring has taken my morning coffee outdoors. The flowers the sun and the birds all beckon me outdoors to my back porch. It is such a relaxing and special time for me. I always use cheerful coffee items to make it even more enjoyable .

Here are some great finds to make your spring coffee morning special too.

Milk Glass Cups- trilogie

Floral Teapot- deepoca

Sugar and Creamer Set- WishingWellsGlass

Vintage Serving Tray- VitalVintage

Yellow Napkins-PumpkinTruck

Gold Flower Saucers- thetwosparrows



Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This dining room completely inspires me. It's fun, whimsical, and very eclectic & chic. The bright colors are gorgeous, mixed in with the industrialness of the navy chairs, the electicness of the turquoise piano, the chicness of the chandeliers, and the rusticness of the table. Did I miss any nesses?

If you haven't checked out the Addicted 2 decorating's blog, you must!! She has some amazing ideas.

Her design board is amazing as well. Some great finds.

Ok, now lets see how inexpensively I can do this. I think some of these pieces are a must have in my next dining room, I really like the idea of the 2 chandeliers, and what a better place to put a piano. This a great inspiration for those who turn their original formal dining rooms into a playroom or office and redo their formal living rooms into formal dining rooms. (Did you catch all that?)

Ok, let's start with the dining table. Although I love the farm table. I'm going to put in the table I already have because 1.) It's inexpensive, 2.) It's functional and seats up to 10, and 3.) because if I decide to do my dining room like this I already have it.

This is the BJURSTA Table from Ikea and at $299 I think it's a great option.

These Navy chairs are a steal at $89.99 for a 2 Pack. They are available through

Here is some bright floral fabric for you. Found these on for $123.25. Target also has a great selection on slipper chairs and accent chairs and start at $99

I also really like the Josette Chair from Pier 1 for $199.

Here's a great area rug and even better, it's on clearance at Macy's.

Pick up a couple of great chandeliers for $149 each at

Now for the wingback chair. Here is one option, a Craigslist find, or you can use this great paint technique I found on any wing back chair or can always reupholster or slip cover.

and now for a photo of the paint tachnique...

The china cabinet/hutch...the possibilities are endless. Just search your local Craigslist and you will find tons of items that are waiting to be repurposed and painted black. Here is my pick for $55

As for the piano, this is my favorite. If you have help to move it, you can probably snatch one of these up for free. Many people have pianos that need refinishing and have probably never thought to paint them. Here is one I found on my local Craigslist for free. With a little paint, it can be a fun whimsical piece for your room.

So there it is, my sensibly chic version of the Addicted2decorating inspiration room.

Do you have an inspiration room? Send me your photo at,
please don't forget to tell me where you are from so I can look up your local Craigslist. Your room may be featured in a future blog post.



Monday, April 11, 2011

Small Foyer Update for under $100

Decorating small entry ways can be challenging but should never be overlooked since it is the first impression visitors will get upon entering your home. Even if it's just a doorstep visit your visitor will get a glimpse into your personality  by way of the entry. Remember too that your entry area looks different from the outside view than the inside view, so it's a good idea to step out your front door and take a look from the visitors perspective. As you open the door what do you see, what does it say about you, and what do you want it to say? A small entry is the perfect place to show your personal style & interest.

If you don't have an entry at all, you can still create an area to use as a first impression wall, welcome space, key area etc.  Also,  don't be afraid to go bold with your decor, sometimes by adding bold wall colors, large mirrors and accessories this can give the room some much needed drama,  but remember even the smallest touches can add a lot to the space.

My entry way is  only 4 1/2 ft. x 5ft  with the entry door on one wall the hall way door on the opposite wall and the opening to the living room on the other wall. That leaves me with one wall to work with. Let me show you how I made the most of it.

First I added a large mirror (a thrift find-$25) mirrors always make the room look larger.

Then I went on craigslist to find a table. However it had to be narrow to avoid having the front door hit it when the door opens. And I found one for only $25.00.

And then for the accessories:

Some vintage wooded birds  that I fell in love with at an antique store. ($40 for the set) and a plant that I already had.

That was it! for basically under a hundred dollars I was able to have my entry say a little something about me.

Here are some great finds that would look great in an entry way.

Gold Wall Mirror

Small Wood Accent Table

Half Moon Table

Door Stop


French Country Wall Shelves

Mirror and Shelf Combo