Friday, April 15, 2011

Nothing Like My Morning Cup of Joe

I love my morning cup of coffee. Aside from the warmth and great taste of the coffee, there is also a certain emotional comfort that comes over me when I am alone in the morning drinking my wonderful cup of Joe. It's that special time when I am between the peace of my slumber and the anticipation of the day. And although I am alone while drinking my coffee, I feel like I am sitting with a dear and much loved friend…always warm, comforting and inspiring. What can I say I really love coffee in the morning! These days spring has taken my morning coffee outdoors. The flowers the sun and the birds all beckon me outdoors to my back porch. It is such a relaxing and special time for me. I always use cheerful coffee items to make it even more enjoyable .

Here are some great finds to make your spring coffee morning special too.

Milk Glass Cups- trilogie

Floral Teapot- deepoca

Sugar and Creamer Set- WishingWellsGlass

Vintage Serving Tray- VitalVintage

Yellow Napkins-PumpkinTruck

Gold Flower Saucers- thetwosparrows



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  1. lovely items and perfect for spring mornings!