Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gender Neutral Nurseries

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I thought I'd share a dilemma I had 3 years ago when I had my twins.  How would I decorate the nursery with one boy and one girl?  The other problem was that we were in a rental so I didn't want to do anything too permanent.  I had a very small budget and had no energy, so I used vintage pieces for the most part as is.  I also got the cribs from a friend who had twins that had just outgrown them.  The artwork was painted by my mom, one for a boy and one for a girl.

Gender neutral twin nurseryI got the crib sets on clearance at Baby Depot and the cabinet was a vintage piece my sister handed down to me.  I put a changing pad on the top to turn it into a changing table.

twin nurseryThe glider was a Craigslist find and the bookshelf I had forever, probably since I was a teenager.gender neutral nurseryThe dresser was given to me by my mom and we painted it to match the other pieces.  These pics were taken before my friend sent over the cutest curtains ever....they were green and blue with little flower appliques.  I wish I had more pictures.  I miss that place.

Here are some other gender neutral twin nurseries.

black and white nurseryBlack and White Twin NurseryIndustrial Twin NurseryIndustrial Twin Nurserygender neutral nurserySophisicated Twin NurseryMariah Carey NurseryThe Diva Nursery- This one is Mariah Careys



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  1. So glad you liked my headboard! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I will definitely participate in your party on Sunday! Thanks for the heads up!

    And I love all these pictures. The industrial twin room is my favorite, but it would be totally impractical for someone like me (aka someone without a lot of $$$). :)