Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Carpet Padding to the Rescue

I picked up this really cool home-made bench at an auction.  It's made to be lightly padded.  When I took of the original upholstery I found rubber foam padding underneath old torn vinyl, like the kind you use for your babies to play on.  It was really gross too so in the garbage it went.  Anyway,  I went to the fabric store to grab a foram padding for it.  I was like, WHAT? $22 big ones.  So off I went into my world of creativity.  I had to stop by Lowes anyways to grab some annuals for the front yard and in my head I was thinking, what at Lowes is made of foam or padded?  Aaha!! Carpet Padding.  The awesomeness of carpet padding is that it is like foam and batting rolled into one.  I found some on clearance, the whole role was $6 bucks.  I grabbed it!

Carpet Padding

I cut out 2 pieces the sizes that I needed.  I did one piece the size of the top and one piece slightly larger to roll around like batting.  Then I used spray adhesive to put it on the lid.

[caption id="attachment_814" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="I stacked the 2 pieces one on top of the other, gluing them together."]spray adhesive[/caption]

Then I wrapped the second layer around my lid and stapled the perimeter.

Finally I covered it all with a ulphostery/ drapery fabric, and I've got a padded lid for my bench.

Graphic Bench lid

I will do a final before and after reveal once I get the thing put back together.



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