Thursday, June 23, 2011

Customized Corkboards- Guest Post

feaTuRe fRiDayS

Carolyn at Customized Living make these amazing corkboards.  Today, she is visiting our blog to tell us a little more about them:

When you think about a corkboard, the word "art" is probably not the first thing that comes to mind.  Maybe you're envisioning a classroom bulletin board or a sterile office cubicle.  

I'm writing this to change your mind.  I make framed corkboards and decorative push pins.  They can be customized for any decor and used for multiple purposes in any room of your home.  I make them so that the framed fabric is pretty enough to stand alone as art, adding color to your room.  Here are 5 suggestions on where and how you can incorporate a corkboard to meet your needs.

1. Master bedroom or bathroom:  Take your jewelry out of its box and display it where you can enjoy it.  Start with a frame that fits your decor.  You have endless fabric options, but for jewelry, I like starting with pure white.  It really makes jewelry pop.

Once you've found the perfect frame and fabric, pin on your jewelry.  It will turn it into a whole new type of art.  

2. Your child's room:  Large corkboards are great in kids' bedrooms or playrooms, because you can proudly display their artwork.  Or display favorite photos.  My kids love being able to choose photos to hang in their rooms.  Easily change them out, and use decorative push pins to make your display even more unique. 

3.  A family room or living room:  Display photos without the glare of glass.  Many fabrics showcase black and white photography beautifully.

4. Office (home or business):  Post calendars, to-do lists, and reminders. With the right corkboard and decorative push pins, the most common objects become instant art.  This corkboard is particularly versatile, because it suits a man's or woman's space equally well.

5.  A gift:  There are many reasons to give a corkboard as a gift.  A new baby, a recent graduate, a boss or co-worker.  This summer, consider a corkboard as a gift for newlyweds.  They'll love the unique way to display their favorite wedding photos.

The final touch?  Push pins.  Why settle for thumb tacks, when you can have these?  I repurpose vintage jewelry and create push pins that truly customize your display.

Visit my Etsy shop, CMB Display Designs, to find the right corkboard and push pins for you.  I also sell vintage accessories and housewares.  Surround yourself with things you love in your home.  

You can also find me and my interior designs and fashion ideas on my blog:

Thank you Carolyn for visiting.



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  1. Thanks for sharing your great frame projects on Motivated Monday at beColorful. I am especially intrigued by the jewelry frame. I have way too much jewelry and I am always looking for storage and display options. I'm also excited to visit your party.