Monday, May 9, 2011

Coffee Table Complete

Last week I started this Graphic Coffee Table  project.  As of Saturday, it is officially complete.  Here is a quick glimpse at how if looked before.

I will warn you, the table was pretty beat up, and I didn't really touch the bottom at all and there are definitely imperfections at the base, but since I have 3 year olds, I figured perfection wouldn't last long anyway.  Plus...this is not my forever coffee table, just a temporary fix until the kids get a little older and stop doing super hero jumps off off my tables.


1.) Sand the table just enough so that the paint will grip.

2.) Apply a coat of primer. (Don't use oil based, it takes too long of dry and may cause bubbling)

3.) Apply your base coat. (I used the Ecru color that is on my family room walls)

4.) Apply you tape lines. ( I did a simple Hollywood regency inspired graphic)

5.) Apply your top color. (May take a couple coats)

6.) Remove your tape and touch up. (Yup, that right, tape lines aren't always perfect so you may need to go back over with a fine brush to straighten up your lines)

7.) Apply 3 coats of lacquer ( I used spray lacquer, no sanding between coats)

The final product should look something like this:

I thought this was a fun way to jazz up a worn table top...It would be a fun project on any table, maybe even for a faux inlay around a dining table.



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