Monday, May 23, 2011

Easy Peasy Pillow Slipcovers

So heres the dealio....Have you ever purchased couches that had pillows that you hated but came with?  Or even better, do you have children who ruin the pillows that you currently have?  If you answered yes to any of the questions  you should keep reading.

For me, the answer to both questions is yes.  I am a novice seamstress so I had to think of an easy peasy solution to cover my pillows.  I just love vintage fabrics and recently I've been collecting vintage linens.  I grabbed a sheet that I love ( it's actually the sheet that I used for inspiration on my art work). and made pillowcases for the existing pillows that I had.  With perfectly good cushions underneath there was absolutely no reason to throw them away.

I love the idea of using old pillowcases, sheets, curtains, or other linens because they already have finished sides.  For the novice seamstress, this means less sewing.

Here is what they looked like before:

not bad, just not me.

Here is how to make a slipcover:

1.) Measure the existing pillow cover and add an inch all around.

2.)  Cut 2 squares of each measurement (make sure you one of those sides is a finished edge.)

3.) With the patterned sided facing each other, sew the 3 sides in a straight line leaving the finished edge side exposed.

4.) This is the fun part.  Get your iron out.

5.) Press your seams flat then turn you pillowcase inside out.

6.) You are going to use iron on velcro for this step.

Its called fabric fusion.

7.) Cut about 2 short strips of each side and  1 about twice the size of the other strips.

8.) Press these on to the finished and open edge of your pillowcase with the longer strip in the center.

Before you press make sure both sides of the velcro align

You're going to want to press each side about 90 seconds.

9.) Now your going to  put your finished pillowcase onto the original cushion and velcro the open side closed.

10.) Voila!  You've got a slipcover for your throw pillow.  EASY PEASY!

These are great because you can change them with the season, or throw them in the wash when they start looking kind of grungy.

I made two.  So now my couch is slightly brighter and makes much more sense for the season.



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  1. Well done! Very clever using the velcro! Lovely transformation.