Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Save My Living Room Challenge

Today I am participating in Vintage Revivals Fearlessly Finding Awesome Challenge.  My room of choice...My grandma living room.  

You see, when I first moved into this house in October I had nothing.  Yes, I mean zero!! 
So with some thrift store/ estate/ yard sale shopping I created this.  For super cheap.  Seriously I picked up this vintage grandma couch for $75 dollars.

I sadly said goodbye to the couch and sent it on its way to a wonderful craigslister who somehow got this 9 foot couch on top of his BMW.  With new couches coming I figured it's time to do something.  What I don't like about my layout is that the first thing you see when you walk in is the tv and just moving the couch (because it's huge) was not allowing me to change that, so new couches it is.  I didn't get anything fancy, just some ultra cheap neutral ones that can change with my constant changing mind.
I also must do something about these awful circa 1980's oak cabinets.

since I only paid $20 each.  I'm sure I can figure something awesome out.  

So its going to change now and yes, it still will be done super cheap, its what I do.  Can't wait for the reveal.




  1. i am kinda sad, that couch was pretty awesome! i could see myself, pumping away with little bottles of fabric spray paint.
    i am excited for your reveal too!

  2. Ya Mindy, I was sad too cos I loved that couch. I tried to put that couch every which way in the room and I couldn't make it work : ( . Have you used bottled spray paint? I've got a chair going into the room that I was thinking of trying instead of throwing down 300 bucks for reupholstery.

  3. Your living room has great light! Where are you going to move the TV to? Can't wait to see the answer and your updated space. :)

  4. TV is getting flipped to the opposite end of the room next to the window and new couch is getting put against the wall. A couple more surprises as well. Well, the best I can do for a navajo white rental.