Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mad Men Bedroom- A How To Guide

In this post I wanted to share my ideas on how to get a Mad Men style bedroom, as we've all gone a little crazy for the show and, well, who wouldn't want to recreate a bit of that retro cool in their own home?

The show is currently in its fifth series, sweeping us back to 1966 with its meticulously-designed costumes and, most importantly for me, its sets.

Don and Megan's new apartment hits all the right notes with its clean lines and sophisticated colour scheme; browns and beiges are brought to life by an unexpected touch of wackiness from the brightly coloured cushions and hanging lamp. However, instead of going down this route in the bedroom, you'll achieve the perfect Mad Men look by bringing in the softer side of the sixties.

The bed is the one thing that, if you get it right, will shape your bedroom into a nostalgic paradise that needs only a few simple additions to make it perfect. Go for an ornate bed with a white, swirly-shaped headboard for a dramatic, romantic look. Just imagine his 'n' hers striped pyjamas folded neatly at the foot of one of the French beds (similar ones available here)!

In Don and Megan's bedroom a large, metal, leaf-inspired sculpture is mounted on the wall above the bed. This type of sculpture was popular in homes during the sixties and seventies; most notable was the work of Curtis Jeré who you can read more about here.

By Mary Barker, Mad Men nut.

Disclosure: This post was written by Mary Barker.  I did not get compensated for this post, but since I love French Provincial Furniture and am too a Mad Men nut I thought the content fit my blog....mONICa

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