Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Audrey 2

Audrey has a twin. Yes, another lucky lady will getting a Tiffany Blue Dresser. This time she is going to Washington. Audrey 2 wasn't as easy to work on as Audrey 1. Audrey 2 needed to be completely stripped. It wasn't really what I was expecting when I took on this project, but all is well if ends well, right?  Here she is before.

Took me weeks to strip this things, getting into all the crack and crevices was tough and there were several layers of paint on it, some oil based and some latex based.  Let me tell if you are going to strip a dresser use.  Citristrip.  It smells much better than the other ones and is less harmful.  I must say though, it does still burn your skin (learned from experience) so wear gloves.    Here is what she looked once she was completely stripped.

The client also asked for different hardware so new holes had to be drilled

and here she is after

Does she look like the first one?  Well the lighting is different, but I promise its the same color. If you missed the tutorial on how to do this finish you can see it here.




  1. I love Audrey(s)!! The color is amazing! Really great job Monica!
    Barbara @Chase the Star

  2. Theyare beautiful love the colors.


  3. Hi Monica,
    We are very interested in talking to you about your home interiors blogging. My colleague has sent you a private email. Hopefully you'll get it (check your spam folder if you don't!) and would be so kind to get back to us.

    Many regards,


  4. Monica this is truly fabulous, unfortunately i tried to reproduce this using MS bronze glaze on top of my gloss-painted deep plum dresser and it looked like a hot mess :( When i wiped the glaze off, it wiped RIGHT OFF! Any ideas? Maybe i needed a different color? thx!! anubhajairam@gmail.com