Monday, November 21, 2011

Super Simple Ceiling Fan Drum Shade

I have been wanting to fancy up a ceiling fan with a drum shade forever.  I had planned on doing it when we lived in Cincinnati, but my husband never got around to putting the ceiling fan up in our master bedroom.  Well, our rental just happens to have one up in the master so I took when I got my opportunity I ran with it.

I was taking a stroll through Ross the other day and I saw 2 beautiful large lamp shades, both greige, but one lighter and darker.  Why I didn't buy both I just don't know (you can never have enough drum shades).  Well, part of the reason was that neither one of them was marked with a price, so I actually didn't know how much they were so I only took one up to the register.  Lucky for me Ross just goes and grabs something similar when finding a price and the one they found was $5.99.  SCORE!!!

Now off to the task of actually getting this thing on my ceiling fan.  The best tutorial I found was at Thrifty Decor Chick.  You can head over there and read it, she does a great job at explaining it all.  Doesn't hers look great?

Thrifty Decor Chick Ceiling Fan

So off to Home Depot I went to find the parts I needed.  The "threaded connector" ( I will wait for you to go get one so you know the spam real word she was talking about, I laughed when I saw it).  I also got a package of couplings.

Here is what the fan looked like before.

and here is the fan after

ceiling fan drum shade

Now my bedroom is nowhere near ready for a reveal, so bear with me.  At least you can see how the fan looks in the room.  My  comforter is from Home Goods in case you were wondering.

Home Goods Comforter

vintage chandelier lamps

So this ceiling fan cost project cost me a total of $16 if you include the crystal pull I bought to replace the one that was missing when I moved in.  Not bad if I say so myself.



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  1. Not bad if you ask me too. Imagine how much you’ll spend if you bought a new one. I’ve checked out the tutorial, and it’s great like you said. She got a lot of inspirational home décor to learn from and one of that is pining-up this ceiling fan. Staci @