Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Little Red School Desk

I would love to be showing you a picture of a completed ginormous dining table right now, however, that project turned out to be an epic fail.  Painting and glazing the base was wonderful, but when we got to the top it was uncooperative.  The glazing wasn't working and we kept getting a random breeze that brought in dust particles.  So we decided to put it away for now and wait til the weather cooperated a bit so that we can finish it.

Moving on....

We got the cutest little desk last week and just had to finish it.  It was all inspired by this beautiful paper I picked up on Sunday.  Red and white and birds.  LOVE IT!!

We've been priming in gray lately because we love the finish it leaves when you start distressing.  This colonial red color went perfect with the paper.

Red Desk

Isn't the paper super cute?

Red Shabby Chic Furnitureand this is what it looks like in the sun.

red desk

This desk will be at the Rose Bowl Flea Market on Sunday.  Come visit us at space 3586. Please excuse my mess in my garage, still trying to get settled into our new place.  Which reminds me, I still haven't shown you my house.  Come back tomorrow to sneak a peek.




  1. Great little the red and the paper...Paper would be cool added inside the panels of the drawers as well.

  2. Sweet red desk you got there! Great work and thanks for sharing with us! Hope the Flea Market goes well for you! Enjoy~ ~

  3. It is good to know when to walk away from something... just let go, and come back to it....

    The desk was a marvellous distraction, and yes the paper is cute.