Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Laundry Folding Table At Last

If I could pick something that has been on my wish list since the twins were born it would be a laundry folding station.  Unfortunately our laundry room in Cincinnati was teeny tiny so it would've required stacking our washer and dryer.

Here is how our laundry folding station happened.  I was at Ikea looking for a butcher block style counter top.  The cheapest one was $39.99, which I was ok with until I found a varde freestanding dishwasher cabinet which has a butcher block top on clearance for $49.99.

ikea varde dishwasher cabinet

 Well, I knew eventually I would want to find something for the random space between my washer and dryer (some weird old house plumbing situation).  I thought to myself,"for 10 bucks more I've got a stand for a solution).  Now for a countertop.  Well, since I was planning to use the butcher block for something else, I had to find a countertop.  I'm sure I would've easily found  something in the as is section, but a non scratch and dent  pragel countertop on clearance for $19.99 in the kitchen section.

ikea pragel countertop

We didn't even have to cut it, just moved the dryer over a little more to make it fit.

laundry room counter

Now we have space for dirty laundry on rollers and our trash bins.  I now have to shop for the perfect trash cans on rollers, one for trash and one for recycle.  Any suggestions?

Special thanks to Elaine and hubby for helping put this together.



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