Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ideas Already Spinning Through My Head

I must say that trying to pack boxes, deal with Craigslisters, plan a yard sale, and schedule a move is not easy.  It's even more difficult when you are watching 3 year olds the whole day.  Preschool here we come!!  I'm already starting to think of decorating our new house, but since we haven't found a place yet ideas are just kind of spinning.  I'm definitely searching for something with character.   I'm starting to  think about the twins room.  They will most likey be sharing a room with the price of California housing.  I got a chance to play with Olioboard today for the first time and came up with this little story board.  I'm thinking flea market chic.  Since I have boy/ girl twins I've got to keep it kind of gender neutral.  My daughter has a baby blue quilt with flowers on it and I thought that  pairing it with a cute chandelier will give the room her feminine touch.Any other suggestions for a cute gender neutral 3-year-old twin room?   I'd love suggestions.






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  1. love all those things, know where you can get the wood for the welcome sign. :)