Wednesday, March 2, 2011

To Serve or Not to Serve?

In the spirit of staging our home for sale, I starting moving around furniture yesterday.  In order to "set the stage", I put a serving table in our formal living room.  Now, I had a credenza in there previously and had toyed with the idea of putting a television in there, but it is such a taboo for me in a formal living room.  If we were staying here, I had envisioned it as a girl cave.  You know,  reading a magazine having a martini and relaxing.

Our living room is more of a lounge and we use it for entertaining.  So I moved the sofa table out of the office to make the office look less cramped, and put it in the living room and took the credenza out of the living room.  I decided on the sofa table verses a credenza because the room is so small and I liked the idea of flow and floor space.  Seriously though, why did I not have one in there before?What a great space to put cocktails and appetizers in the event of a party.  I'd much rather people gather in my living room than around my small kitchen island.

I think everyone should have some serving space in their living room.  I mean I'm all for gathering in the kitchen, but when you have a small kitchen like I do, sometimes it's not the best option. Here are some other sideboards that I think are awesome.

For the luxury look, try this one from Molimo Design.

For the environmentally friendly look, check out this awesome repurposed wine storage/server from daffadowndillys.

For a splash of red, how about a repurposed dresser?   Here's a great one from two carolina nesters.

Think outside the box and get your party on.



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