Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So the search is on.  I can't help but think what happens if we sell our house?  Where will we go?  The problem with the area we live is that there is not a whole lot of inventory of homes, especially the kind that are our style.  So although our home hasn't sold we have already started the search for a new one.  I'm already starting to look for ideas for my studio/home office/ woman cave.

My current studio is pretty gender neutral.  I like it, but in my next one I'm gonna need inspiration in my surroundings.

I have decided to keep my current furniture, I'm just gonna spice it up a bit.

I like the idea of this next space.  I like the clean lines, the chandelier, the girly rug, and if I get a space (like a converted formal dining space) with a large doorway, I will get some taller bookshelves to flank the doorway.

Rebecca Orlov's Home Office via Unplggd.

My girly inspiration will more likely come in the form of animal print since I'm not a huge fan of flowers, so far I have decided on a neutral brown palette, something like what I currently have in my formal living room.

I must have a chandelier to go with my glam/ diva space, so an original formal dining space will work out great because more than likely there is already electrical on the ceiling in the center of the room.  Not exactly sure where I'm going with the chandelier, but something like this one from Overstock.com:

For a touch of color I'd add my hot pink Felicia curtains from Ikea that I currently have in my closet.  Although Ikea no longer carries these, you can score some on Ebay.

Now for some animal print touches.  I'm thinking of adding some accents in animal print, probably leopard or zebra print.  I'll either do this with a rug, on a chair, art on the wall, or on the furniture.

Both the rug and the chairs are from Overstock.com.

I love this cute painting as well, definitely enhances the Diva look, and the little pug makes it even cuter.

This painting is an original and available through Studiovignette.

I also thought this table was awesome.  If you live in NYC you've got to check out Sparrowsnest1, for some amazing repurposed items.  This one in particular I love!  It's a different take on a table top.

So there's the gist of my woman cave.  It will be interesting what the final product looks like.



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