Monday, March 7, 2011

Large Wall- Cheap Artwork

I thought I'd share a creative idea that I have for filling up a large wall with some art.  My first thought was to frame a large piece or 3 smaller pieces of fabric to give my wall some color, but I couldn't find inexpensive frames that would work.  Then I discovered sheer panels at Ikea.  The best thing about these panels is that they show through part of your wall color so any one will look like it is made for your space.  They are actually meant to use as room dividers or curtain panels, but I thought this was a good use for them.  Here are some examples of some current ones that Ikea carries.

Anno Inez Panel- $9.99 each

Anno LJUV Panels- $19.99 each

Flyn Jorun Panels- $44.99/ 3 pack

Here is what mine look like up.  I just used thumb tacks and tacked the tops and bottoms and some random center spots.  My ceilings are 9 feet tall and the panels are long enough to run all the way down.

The blue is repeated in our accent wall and our draperies.

The furniture has been moved around since, but I'm sure you get the point : )

I believe I paid around $30 bucks for the set of 3.  So for me it was one of the most inexpensive options and I think it looks great.



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