Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Kids Art Center for Under $35 Bucks

Last weekend since it was an extended weekend I ventured off into a bunch of projects.  One of the projects was to create an art area for my kids since they love to color.  I had stools that I took out of my kitchen to extend my nook area (post coming in a week or so), so I thought I would make good use of of them.

All I did was basically mount a long shelf.  I had a 1 x 12 cut to size (around 50") and stained it in a dark ebony color to match the other furnishings.  Then I used 3 Ikea Shelf Brackets at $2.00 each.  

I then added a couple of Ikea Rails.  This allowed me to attach a basket to put pencil cup holders in.  

I used laundry twine from the Dollar Tree and nailed 3 rows on top of the desk for the kids to hang their finished art projects.  Some Clothes Pins to secure their art and it was a wrap.

Super easy and fun project and the kids love it!!  If you need stools there are always the ones Target and Walmart sell for around $12.00 each, or you could also mount the desk at chair height.



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