Monday, April 2, 2012

Guest Post: Sunday at A Sunday Afternoon

Today we have Sunday from A Sunday Afternoon visiting us, she is a DIY blogger and shop owner who takes thrift store finds to the next level.  Take it away Sunday.

There it was, sitting on the shelf just

screaming at me
waiting for me! A chandelier all alone and ready to go for $6.99 - SCORE! I always hit the lamp section at the thrift store, you never know what cool lamps or chandeliers you'll find. This one will be perfect for my new office (the one I'm dreaming about but don't actually have yet).
Here's the full size 'before shot'!
Step #1: Spray with Kilz Spray Primer.
Step #2: Spray paint (using same method) with Valspar Gloss Ruby Red.
Step #3: Spray with Rust-Oleum Crystal Clear Enamel (to protect it).
I haven't decided on the shades yet. I got these beauties at a garage sale for $2 (6 of them).
Here are the 2 options I've come up with so far:
Option #1: Burlap
Option #2: Ribbon
What's your vote?

Thank you Sunday for visiting us.  For some awesome inspiration, be sure to head over to her blog.



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