Wednesday, September 12, 2012

5 Dollar Low Sofa Table Out of an Old Chair

After almost living in my house for a year and several furniture arrangement changes, my living room is finally starting to come together.  I should have a reveal post for you early next week.  

I thought it might be fun to share a little sofa table I made yesterday.  I was inspired by this little bench by Color me Lovely to use as a sofa table.

Isn't it cute?  But how would I find an antique storytellers bench and how would it fit in my price range?  So after lucking out on craigslist I started looking on Etsy to see if I could at least find an affordable bench.  Needless to say, they start at around $80 bucks, plus shipping.  So due to my impatience and knowing that there is a possibility I may eventually find one at a yard sale I decided to make one myself.

I wanted it to be super simple, as in takes me 15 minutes to make, so I started thinking of what might be in my garage.  Here is what I came up with...

A chair that I got a long time ago for $2.99 at the thrift store.
It has been left outside for a couple months so the paint just started crackling off and I loved it.

I also had a piece of scrap shelf that I had used for a clients credenza.

So all I needed was a couple of 2x2's to use as the back legs. I was able to pick those up for $2.00.  I could afford that.

So here is my temp to perm sofa table, it was so easy to make.  I just cut the front legs off the chair with my jigsaw, then I screwed the shelf into the legs and viola!!  I stained the top in a dark stain and applied a coat of wax.

I must admit, I would not use it as a bench as it is probably not meant to sit on, but what I love about it is that is the size of a bench with the functionality of a table.  So if you ever see a free broken chair on the road, pick it up, you never know what you can do with the legs.


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  1. You are a genius Monica! I'm sharing this on FB and pinning. Great job!

    Barbara at Chase the Star