Thursday, August 30, 2012

Williams Sonoma Knockoff Dresser

Recently I've been getting into Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  See, here are the reasons why I stayed away from the band wagon for a while.  

1.) I was in denial that is product was actually worth more than my $3.00 homemade chalk paint
2.) I didn't feel like there was enough color variety
3.) I was cheap
4.) I didn't want to give in to the trend

Well, my conclusions are this

1.) My homemade chalk paint is still pretty awesome (especially for layering)
2.) As the line has grown, they have come out with some amazing colors
3.) I am cheap
4.)People tend to like Annie Sloan and will specifically order a color, even though it is trendy.

Recently I came across a vintage formica dresser with a french provincial style.  Since Annie Sloan claims to adhere to anything I thought I try it.

Here is my inspiration piece the Deauville Dresser from Williams Sonoma.  A dresser with a price tag of $2450.  Ouch!!  I figured if I can get this finish on a formica piece, I can certainly do it on a good quality solid wood piece.

So here is mine:

Of course, the outdoor lighting really makes it look a lot brighter than it is.  I used Annie Sloan pure white and finished it with a dark wax.

The top I did with a dark gel stain and for some added character I added some metallic glaze

I think it came out great.  Of course I forgot before pictures, but you'll see it again soon because I have a solid wood Broyhill piece that is getting this finish next.

*Update:  After much debate last night, I decided to keep this piece and put it in my Living Room, I've been looking for a console table for the back of my house anyway.  I love the finish, but I just didn't feel confident with the quality of the original piece.  I prefer to sell solid wood pieces.  At least this was a great practice session and now I have a great looking/ affordable piece for my Living Room.




  1. Wow you put the G in gorgeous I love it! Sometimes you have to splurge on the good stuff :)

  2. I know what you mean about justifying the cost, Anne Sloan paint is not sold in my area. So in order to buy it I have to order it and have it shipped, so then you have shipping costs. I did pick up a few of the test pots and have tried them on a few items, and I was happy with the results. But much cheaper to make our own chalk paint.
    I love your dresser, wish I could have seen what it looked like before. But it looks amazing now, great job.