Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Thrill of the Hunt

We found a couple of worthy finds for our weeks projects. Well, some for us and some for our store. We hit the PCC flea market Sunday where I got my great western boots. We also hit our local thrift store where a few weeks ago I got the dress I'm wearing. Yesterday we decided to go  a few city's over to a thrift store  we hadn't been to in years where Monica found some great pieces for her new house. Ahhh... the thrill of the hunt!!

flea market cowboy boots


Of course all of this is hard work,  but let it never be said that we don't stop to smell the roses or shall I say the hops. In our exhaustion of loading three pieces of furniture into our small suv , (thank goodness for bungies! )we stopped at a great watering hole restaurant called Congregation Ale House to cool off and grab a beer.   Great place and the menu looked fantastic too…we'll try next time.

Congregation Ale House


Here is one of the things we are working on this week. We'll show you the finished project in a couple of days.



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