Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cute Blue Dresser

Well, I had originally planned for this post to be long and drawn out, but you wouldn't believe what a day I've had.  I don't know if I told you, but I've been having water heater issues.  We are on our third water heater and I haven't had hot water for a week and a half.  Well today, the gas company decided to pay us a visit to us for the third time to inspect our heater and well, they turned off all our gas all together saying it was unsafe. Meaning I have no hot water, stove, dryer, heat, etc.  So needless to say, I'm really hoping this is fixed by tomorrow because I can't live like this, but am glad that we are safe.

Anyway, what I was planning to show you was my kids dresser.  I got this baby for FREE.  Although, not in the best of condition, it was workable and for 3 year old twins definitely suitable.  I decided to paint it in a turquoise color and paint the hardware white, it was missing two handles so I patched up the holes and changed them with some that I already had.  I think its cute and fun.  Please excuse the temporary shower curtain I hung as a window covering in their room.

The paint is Calypso by Sherwin Williams

turquoise dresser

The stencil is Martha Stewart @ Michaels

Sherwin Williams Calypso

I also lined the drawers with some fun paperDollar Tree Wrapping Paper

Martha Stewart Stencil on dresser

I can't wait til I'm finished with their beds, artwork, window coverings, etc.



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  1. The dresser looks great and the shower curtain actually goes really well with it!

    I'm thinking of doing a pirate theme, somewhat pedestrian, but give it a more artful spin. I was thinking about decoupaging some old maps/treasure maps prints on a dresser for them.

    I hope they fix the gas situation soon. Ugh, as if you don't have enough going on. I feel your pain, I have hit a snag as well, you have a twin mommy in moving hell soul sister.