Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Appletini Dresser- The Tutorial

Well, it looks like The Appletini Dresser was a hit.  I got some great results in blogland, facebook, pinterest, and even twitter.  It was featured at Addicted to Decorating and Sassy Sites.

The cool thing about this dresser is that it is going to be used as a bathroom vanity, but I didn't know it until after I finished it.  I am lucky enough to be able to score some pics of the completed project in a few months by the designer who purchased it. Can't Wait to share them with you.  I've been getting lots of emails on my technique, so today I will share it with you.

You will need. Gray spray primer,  Rustoleum Eden spray paint, a dark stain like Espresso,  rags, and wipe on poly.

First you start with a light sand or degloss

then a coat of gray spray primer

let it dry completely and then apply a coat of spray paint

next you apply a dark stain, just wipe on and wipe off.
I have to admit I did this only about an hour after I applied paint and it comes out darker if you do not let the paint completely dry.  If you want the finish more like the original dresser make sure you let your paint dry for 24 hours before applying stain because less stain seeps in and more comes off.

Let the stain dry completely and apply a coat or two of wipe on poly.

and VIOLA!!

Come back next Wednesday for my tutorial on my metallic blue finish.




  1. I just love it! I have been looking and looking for a dresser to use as a vanity in my bathroom. My bathroom is very long and narrow, so I didn't want to use a stand up chest. I want something longer. After seeing yours I am really on a mission now to find me one to redo!

  2. Yay thanks for posting this - it looks really easy! I would have figured it was 4-6 layers of stuff to achieve that look.

    btw the link in your previous post about the link facebook thingy doesn't work....

    1. No problem and thanks for letting me know about the other post.


  3. That is fantastic!!! Absolutely love it. I am mostly a white paint kinda girl but this may turn me for sure!


  4. Way awesome!! I've not used the wipe on poly yet, but I'll have to give it a try! Many thanks for sharing your secret recipe!