Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why I Love Metallic Glaze

First of all, let me ask you when you get into something, I mean REALLY into something, don't you continue doing it?  Lets start with your hair, you find a style and you wear it like that for weeks, or the comfort of those favorite pair of jeans.  Yea...that's what I thought.

Well for me the same goes with my painting projects.  When I get into a certain look, I keep doing it, especially when that look is flying off the shelves.  Well, most recently I'm in to metallic glaze.  Here is what I love about it.  It not only distresses, but it gives your paint a shimmer.  That's right girls...we all love glitter and shimmer, it's part of the glam effect.  Next, it is easy to apply: Just rub it on in a circle, straight, randomly, whatever you want to get the look that you want.  Third, it allows you to go bold because it tones down your color and yet gives it a wow factor.

I also love how metallic glaze brings out the details, like if you have an ornate part in your furniture you can really highlight it.

I personally have been using Martha Stewart Metallic Bronze lately, but I'm going to start trying other colors.

I've got another project coming up at Furniture Friday where I used metallic glaze, and if you haven't heard, I started hosting a link party on Friday's so don't forget to come back and link up.



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  1. thank you for the hint on the metallic bronze. I deeply appreciate it...I have also added your blog to my blogroll. Also can you please widen your blog horizontally by going into your settings and click into your blog templete and then click into your width size. Widen your blog horizontally because your side bar ads are preventing us from reading your entire blog post...thank you.

    1. Thanks doll for the blogroll add and the tip about the ad. Moved the darn ad all together. My readers and content are definitely more important than any ad. Hope you have fun trying some metallic glaze.

  2. I can't wait to see some more of this glaze. I will tune in friday for sure. I might want to try this. Kathy, Petticoat Junktion

  3. I love love love this dresser!!! I am coming over from Beyond The Picket Fence & am your newest follower :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. This is gorgeous!! I found you thru Power of Paint & signing up to become your newest follower. I love this glaze, by the way!!

  5. Hi! What a beautiful project! I just painted a dresser a deep grape color and was looking for a bit of glam-- what top metalic glaze would you use? thx!! BTW i read some BAD reviews about Martha's metallic glazes not drying even after a few days?!

  6. I've been using the metallic glaze from Martha and I feel like it takes forever to dry. Maybe I'm putting too much on. What do you use to apply it? Love your blog! Go girl!

  7. Hello, I use a tshirt rag to apply and wipe of the excess. I try to get most of it rubbed I if I do it in a circular motion, but if I do it in a Straight line Sometimes it stays wet but it dries pretty quickly. Good luck!