Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Little Art Deco in My Life

When we first purchased this home, one of its most exciting features was a"formal foyer". I struggled for a while with what was going to be my focal point when you walked into my front door. I had several thoughts, a settee, a telephone table, a console table and mirror (just like every one of my neighbors). With only having one coat closet downstairs and our laundry room upstairs, I also struggled with utility space. I thought about putting our downstairs cleaning supplies and brooms and such in the pantry, but I was totally having food/germ issues.

Then I had an ah ha moment, why not put a Waterfall Chifferobe into the foyer? This way I could convert the original coat closet into dedicated utility space.

And since we do not have a mudroom, using the chifferobe is not only a good place to house coats, but the drawers are multi-functional and can house things like purses, briefcases, shoes, umbrellas, hats, gloves, sunglasses (you name it!)

This piece was rescued from someone's basement and had some water damage. I decided to keep the integrity of the front of the piece, but had to use some wood filler and painted the sides and the top (there was a lot of peeling veneer).

Not only is it functional, but it makes a great conversation piece, just about every one who walks into our home comments about how awesome it is. It's a great ice-breaker too!

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