Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I guess you can spray paint a lampshade

So if you get totally bored with your old lamp shade there is a way to customize it. Sometimes when I see things really cheap I got to try to make them work, so here is the lamp I got at Home Goods on clearance.

Yup.  Totally not my style, but for under $10 bucks I knew I could make it my style.  Well, it sat in my basement for a while and then one day I was having guest and knew I needed more lighting.  So off to the internet I went and I found this great article at  I absolutely fell in love with this lamp.

Now I know that you can cover a lamp shade with fabric, but I didn't have any and I didn't have time to run to the store, so I thought, why not?  If it didn't work I could always cover it with fabric later.  So off I went to find some spray paint in my garage.  I had metallic gray and flat black.  I lightly sanded the base and sprayed it the metallic black and then sprayed the shade with black. I did have to end up spraying both the inside and outside so that when the light shines through you can't tell that is is spray paint.  I didn't do the tape thing since I also didn't have any, but maybe later. So here it is:

As for fire hazard, well not really sure so I don't turn it on unless it is going to be supervised.  I would've had a real story to tell if it had blown up in front of my guest, but it didn't.  Whew!  I'm also looking for a collection of books that will look cool underneath it or something else creative as it sits a little too low.  We will see what I come across.

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