Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's All About Bright Dressers

So last week was such a boring week.  We pretty much worked on cleaning out the garage, shopping, and getting organized.  Plus in between I had a few Real Estate meetings.  For some reason I was up to a little creativity this weekend so we stayed home and worked (even with the kiddies around).  It became the Bright Dresser Weekend.  Dresser #1 we like to call The Meadows of Provence Dresser.  Decided to go with a bright yellow and a dark stain.  It so reminds me of a wheat field or something, hence the name.

Yellow DresserDresser #2 we call the Princess Heirloom Dresser.  It was an antique piece we got from somebody who had it in their family for years, but unfortunately it needed refinishing and they didn't know how to begin.   So they sold it to us.  I just love pink dressers, I did a custom one a while back for a little girl and it got rave reviews.  So when I saw this antique beauty I knew that  it wanted to wear pink too.

Hot PInk Dresser

Don't forget to let us know if a bright dresser is in your future.  Or check out our For Sale Section for others available.




  1. love the pink with the dark stain!

  2. Thanks Monica & Elaine for the share

  3. What shade of pink is the second dresser? I have a really really old bedroom suite that I'm getting ready to paint and want to do it in teal or turqoise with some contrasting pink (nightstands maybe).

  4. Hi, I would like to buy the smaller pink dresser is it for sale? If so, I want it!!!! My email is